Community Groups

At Holy Trinity there are a number of school and parish groups for parents to become involved in.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the body that oversees and supports all groups within the Parish.


Advisory Council

Students with fish tank

Our School Advisory Council supports and advises the Principal and Parish Priest on matters pertaining to the development of Holy Trinity Primary School. The Advisory Council provides broad representation from our community and membership consists of the Parish Priest, Principal, Deputy Principal and Class Level Representatives. The Advisory Council meets eight times throughout the year, usually on the third Wednesday of each month. As parents you have access to the council through family representatives and you are encouraged to contact them with regard to raising school items, prior to the agenda meeting. Advisory Council letters are sent home on a regular basis.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has representation from both the School and the Parish. This Committee oversees the finances across all groups directly associated with the Parish and the two parish schools. The Parish and School accountant is also a member of this group.


Parents’ Committee

The Parents Committee works to raise funds for the school and to organise social activities. It is a vital group in developing and maintaining positive relationships within our school community.


Works and Maintenance Committee

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This Committee is responsible for ensuring an adequate level of general maintenance of our school buildings and environments is undertaken. It organizes Working Bees that are held throughout the School Year. If a family attends two working bees for the year they are refunded their hundred dollar maintenance levy. Besides providing for the maintenance of our school, working bees are a great way for families to get to know others and we always enjoy a barbecue lunch on working bee days.